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I have made this diaper cake upon my husband’s request. He wanted to keep it at work to show people:) It is almost the same style with the other ones I made with a few little changes. I just wanted to put the picture here.



This diaper cake is good for a baby boy or a baby girl because it is frosted yellow:)


This diaper cake includes some gifts for the mom to be instead of gifts all for the baby. I added a Sweet Bath Bear Cherry Shower Gel and a Sweet Bath Bear Bubble Bath for the mom. And there are around 60 size 1 diapers and a cute pink teddy bear, “Sweet Bath Bear” they called it on the packaging. I also really like using silk flowers, even if it is just a few stems.
I started selling my diaper cakes on Ebay and locally. One person actually thought that these were real cakes and sent me an e-mail to ask which part of it is the actual cake:) I tried to explain that these were not meant to be eaten and made out of disposable baby diapers. She did not write back:) I think she needed real cakes for people to eat:) Anyways, I am very happy that people liked my cakes very much and I already sold some of my diaper cakes. Even though I have been kind of obsessed with these lately, my mind is still at the wedding flowers. I am planning to spend some time on those bridal bouquets I wanted to practice making but I can only go to my little studio after the kids are asleep so we’ll see…



Here is the baby girl version of the diaper cake I made earlier for a baby boy. You can see the baby boy diaper cake here.



After I had so many posts on roses, I started having posts on diaper cakes:) I am sure I will go back to roses eventually but for now I am all about diaper cakes:) This one is for a baby boy and it has many gifts included in it. It has:

Around 60 size 1-2 diapers

A very cute baby blue teddy bear rattle

Baby powder



Washcloth lollipops

Decorated with nice ribbon

It would make a very nice baby shower gift. Anyone having a baby shower soon:)??



These diaper cakes use only 7 diapers, a wooden embellishment and some ribbon and shred. They are small and cute. They would make perfect centerpieces at baby showers if there are more than one table. Click on the picture to see the details.



This one is a 1-tier diaper cake with a receiving blanket, washcloths, a ducky and a flower. I only used 18 diapers in this one.